Setting up your campsite

There’s a lot of standing around doing nothing at the campsite, and that’s great if there isn’t anything to do, but not when there is a campsite to set up or pack up. The problem when setting up a campsite is that all that potential help goes to waste because no one knows exactly what to do and when to do it, and so they just stand around watching the person who does know what to do, doing it all themselves.

For every person you have with you old enough to follow directions and who won’t wander off the minute you turn your back, there is a pair of helping hands to help you with setting up your campsite - even if it’s just to unfold chairs, lay out the bedding, construct furniture, transfer items to or from the car or follow you around with spare guy ropes and tent pegs as you peg the tent down.

So with that in mind, to help automate the campsite set up and pack up processes, we have put together for our members a list of the main tasks involved, which you can simply delegate according to ability. It might seem a bit regimented but really it’s no different to following a recipe, or any kind of lengthy procedure in the workplace.

If you are regular campers, or better still, if you are on an extended touring holiday, a list like this will really help to streamline and automate the setting up and packing up process, so you can spend more time relaxing. The more often you run through the process the less time it will take. It’s also a great way for the kids to earn some reward points for helping out.

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