Essential jobs on your return home

Camping is lots of fun for everyone, but it can also be pretty tiring, especially if after a busy camping holiday you have not only packed up the campsite that day but also had a long drive to your next destination.

When that destination is home, you will probably just want to leave everything in or attached to the car for a day or so and crash on the couch. While definitely tempting, with a concerted effort, you will be amazed at how quickly you can unload the car, get everything into it's rightful place, and if necessary at least get the drying process started. 

Subject to attending to a few important matters as outlined below, generally you should be able to directly transfer most of the items from your car to their intended storage location

An orderly and thorough process can also extend the life of your camping gear, give you confidence that everything is in it's rightful place and save you time when preparing for your next trip.

You can then really enjoy that relax on the couch knowing that it's all done.

Preparing gear for storage

On your return home, a quick pack away is a good pack away. Outlined below are a list of tasks to be attended to when you return home. Again, everyone should have assigned tasks.

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