Our ideal tent for touring

Our ideal tent for touring will be a good quality touring or pop-up style tent that is comfortable and flexible for long and overnight stays, and anything in between. These types of tents suit our brief for the following reasons:
  • They are designed to pitch and pack up quickly to give you the freedom to easily move from place to place during touring holidays.
  • They are comfortable for long stay camping if you are smart about how you organise your tent and utilise any additional annex and awning accessories.
  • They usually have a longer narrow pack size making them suitable for transporting on the roof racks of your car.
  • They can more easily be pitched when you return home to be dried out if need be. This is usually the last thing you want to do at this time, so anything that can help the process is a bonus.

We have currently identified a number of tents that generally meet our brief which we have listed in our tent buying guide. We have researched and selected these tents based on the criteria outlined above and in the previous section.  We have not personally tested most of the tents out, as our idea of actually testing a tent involves an all-day down pour and/or prolonged gale force winds. We aren’t keen on storm chasing to test a tent, and therefore, have to rely on online independent tent reviews and forum comments.