Fridge accessories

Fridge / icebox stands

Fridge slideFridge stands elevate your ice box or fridge at the campsite for better access to the food. They are relatively inexpensive at around $30 to $40, are extremely light weight and compact, and will be a valuable addition to your camping gear. Your back will definitely thank you!

Fridge slides

Fridge slides are a very useful accessory for touring and four-wheel driving to provide easy access to the larger and heavier compressor fridges to enable them to stay in the back of the car for short or overnight stops. They also provide tie down points to prevent the fridge from moving around on the road - which is essential for four-wheel driving.

They weigh around 10 kg and would be useful if you have a compressor fridge and do a lot of four-wheel driving or touring, but not so if you really only plan to do extended stay or irregular weekend camping.

They may also require a car with a larger or deeper boot or trunk, as they may affect the exact positioning of your fridge in the boot for transportation, and therefore the positioning of your other camping items.

If using a fridge slide, you will also need to ensure that the items packed at the rear of the fridge won't dislodge and fall into the path of the slide when the fridge is in the forward position. Fridge slides can be purchased with a fitted cage as well to allow items to be packed around the fridge . The cage will, however, limit your access to the rear of the fridge when loading and unloading the boot / trunk, especially if you pack the car in the way we suggest in our packing guidelines.