Mains electricity

images/power-outlet-r.pngMany established camp grounds offer powered sites to power your lighting, refrigeration, rechargeable batteries and other items which will save you the cost and hassle of establishing an alternative power setup for these items. A heavy reliance on powered sites will, however, significantly limit your camping options in terms of where you can camp and how far off the beaten track you can go. In addition, powered sites tend to be more popular and may not be as easy to book as unpowered sites.

If you have established a good camping setup that is not dependent of mains electricity, you can avoid the need for two separate setups (one for powered and one for unpowered sites) and the temptation to bring along electric lights, toasters, kettles, extension cords, power boards and double adapters which can be bulky to transport and time consuming to pack and set up.

If you do choose a powered site, we definitely recommend using it only for powering your refrigeration, USB-charged lights, electronic devices and smaller power banks. Check out our suggested power and fuel options for a powered site.

For the type of camping we do, a 10 amp extension lead and power board would be sufficient. Items to include in your camping setup for a powered site include the following:
  • Etn cord and power block r10 metre heavy duty outdoor extension lead: Most campsites will provide 15A power sockets but some will only accept a standard 10A lead. Unless you are running power intensive devices such as kettles and toasters or if you are in a caravan or RV, we suggest you go for a 10 amp lead to ensure you will be able to connect to all powered sites.
  • Outdoor surge protected power board or, alternatively, an indoor power board with an outdoor outlet safety box to provide protection against dust, dirt and rain. 

A 10A lead can connect to a 15A socket but for safety reasons a 15A lead is not compatible with a 10A socket. If you choose a 15A lead and power board, you may also need a 15A to 10A converter to ensure you can connect to power when a 10A power socket is all that is available.