Camping chairs

While there is a wide selection of casual chairs in the camping stores, they seem to be getting bigger and heavier, which might be fine if you have plenty of storage room for transportation, but not really for us given our limited space.

Quad folding chairs

Most camping chairs on the market are of the quad folding variety, where the four legs fold into a long thin and compact shape that can be pretty easily packed away and transported. While there are other types of portable folding chairs on the market, these seem to be the most common choice for campers, and also work well with our setup in terms of weight and pack size for transportation.

Chairs Custom

Size and weight

Some of the chairs on the market can be quite heavy and bulky. As a guide:
  • The weight of the chair should not exceed 3 - 4 kg / 6 - 9 lb in weight (say 4 kg / 9 lb for the adults chairs and 3 kg / 6 lb for the kids chairs).
  • When folded up, the chair should be no longer than the width of your car boot behind the back seat, which is where they will be transported. This space is usually 100 - 110 cm / 39 - 43" wide.

Upright or reclining?Capture Custom

Most quad folding chairs have quite an upright seating position, which is comfortable for sitting at the table for meals and playing games, but not necessarily for reclining around the campsite. On the other hand, some chairs have a more reclining seating position better suited to the sitting back and relaxing rather than sitting up at the table.

Personally we prefer the reclining variety, but suitable reclining chairs that meet our pack size requirements are difficult to source. The Colman Sling chair featured in the image is no longer sold in Australia.


Most chairs come with cup holders, and some will also come with other accessories, such as padded cooler storage compartments and side tables. Chairs with accessories other than cup holders should be avoided, as they will cut into your valuable car space and weight allowances.


Prices for these types of chairs can cost as little as $10 and can be up to $200 for the top of the range products. In fact, the cheaper products tent to have less of the bulky accessories, but be aware that the comfort and price tend to go hand in hand.