Camping health and safety guide

Camping is incredibly rewarding and has many benefits, but it isn't without its health and safety risks. Nor is the associated travelling we do to get to the campsite and back, or the activities we pursue while camping. Camping safety is important and shouldn't be overlooked, but don't let fear and uncertainty stifle your sense of adventure, especially where kids are concerned.

Children having fun camping

In fact, our very own 2019 dual Australian of the Year, Dr Richard Harris, in his Australian of the Year acceptance speech, recognised the importance of letting kids have a bit of rope to explore their adventurous side and allow them to challenge themselves, earn the grazed knees and the stubbed toes, define their own boundaries and test their own limits. 

While we can't eliminate all of these risks, with the right knowledge, planning and equipment we can certainly go a long way to making our camping life much safer.

In this health and safety guide, you will find information and links to resources to help you to camp and travel more safely. Any links in this guide to external sites are to trusted and reputable sources. All of the articles listed below are provided subject to our Disclaimer.

Included in our camping health and safety guide are the following articles: