Find your ideal car for camping

The car you choose is really the key to safer trailer-free camping and touring, especially for families, and it will be your most expensive camping tool. Young adults and couples without children have plenty of car options for their camping. They generally don’t mind roughing it with a more minimalist camping experience, without children they have more room in the car to transport their camping gear and they only really need to look after themselves.

With children, however, camping can change quite dramatically and usually the first thing you notice once the new precious cargo is trapped into the rear seat is that the car of your youth is completely incapable of taking your existing gear as well as the extra bedding, clothing, bikes, chairs, scooters, toys, prams and everything else that comes with children. Not only that, your two person tent needs to be upgraded and you’ve got no chance of fitting that into your car either.

Your next camping trip is not necessarily the sole reason to buy a new car and you might need to improvise and make do in the interim. But car upgrade time is a great opportunity to find a car to better meet your camping transportation needs, now and into the foreseeable future. Planning in advance gives you plenty of time to research your ideal car and get the best bargain.

In our cars and accessories section, we cover in detail the things we think you should consider in a car for trailer-free camping and touring and we encourage you to read through the various articles.

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