10 steps to prepare for camping

Whether you are going camping or on an overseas holiday, good preparation will help you make the most of your trip.

TickPreparing for a camping trip isn’t just about your camping setup and gathering that all together. Although important, you also need to attend to all of the housekeeping tasks that can often get overlooked in the 101 things you feel you need to do before you head off.

Our getting ready for camping checklist provides our members with a timeline to help speed up, as well as smooth out, the process so it doesn’t feel like this massive all week job that seems to take longer than the actual camping trip itself. If you like to be able to head off at the drop of a hat, a lot of the steps in our checklist could be done at anytime, and well in advance of your departure date.

An organised and step by step approach to preparing for a camping trip can really save you time and stress, and you will be reassured that nothing important is left behind. As we’ve mentioned throughout the website, the responsibility shouldn’t be left to just one person. Everyone should have at least one task.

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