Resources and planning

In this resources and planning section, we have attempted to cut through all of the detail in this website by listing the documents and resources we think would be of most use to you as you start planning your camping setup and putting it all together.


Picture this: A car arrives at the neighbouring campsite. Everyone climbs out, the boot opens and, like a well-oiled machine and without hesitation or argument, everyone busily starts removing and unstrapping items, pitching the tents, hammering pegs, constructing furniture and transferring items to their campsite destination.

Before long they’ve got a great little campsite, the kettle on, dinner on the way, a drink in hand and their camping holiday has begun. At the end of their stay, they pack up and leave as quickly as they came and you’re wondering a) how they can get by without a trailer and b) what other useful tips they have up their camping sleeve.

Does that sound like you? To be honest, we’re not fully there yet ourselves (our son could be a little more helpful!) but we’re working on it. We’re not talking about military or McDonald’s style of structure and efficiency - although a bit of that wouldn’t hurt. Put simply, the better planned and more efficient your approach to camping is the more enjoyable and less stressful your camping experience will be.  If that’s not you yet either, then we’re here to help.

Some of the articles in this resources and planning section might seem a bit dry and boring to some, but in our opinion, they are the very tools that we think will help you as you start to build up your trailer-free camping setup and get out camping. You will be well prepared, you will save time and money and your whole camping experience will be less stressful and much more comfortable, relaxed and enjoyable.